How to Keep a Check of Your Competitors Through Market Research

Regardless of industry, every business has its competitors. And most businesses have many of them. There are several ways to identify your top competitors. While local competitors can be easily identified, global competition can have hundreds of competitors. Understanding how your competitors use social media can help you plan your strategies. For example, if you’re … Continue Reading

How to Stay on Top of Current Marketing Trends

Following current marketing trends will force you to think creatively and be able to meet the needs of your customers. Following these trends will help you improve your sales, build customer loyalty, and boost your bottom line. If you’re not following the latest trends, you may not even know about them. The key is to … Continue Reading

What is Bounce Rate Optimization?

Is your bounce rate too high? Are you struggling to reduce your bounce rate? No worries, we’ve shared a few proven methods to reduce your bounce rate and improve the search rankings.What is the Bounce Rate?It’s a percentage of the users who come to your website and decide to leave without going to a second … Continue Reading

What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

Conversion Rate Optimization is the process of optimizing your site or landing page to increase the number of website visitors who take the desired action. This process will really help in understanding how users move through the site, what they’re looking for, what they click on, and what’s yet to be improved for reaching your … Continue Reading

Is Email Marketing Still Effective?

Email marketing is one of the simplest yet effective methods of marketing your business online. Due to the growth of other social media platforms, many marketers say that email is dead. Well, we’re here to share that Email marketing continues to be the best, and also beating other forms of marketing in effectively reaching prospects.Email … Continue Reading