How to Curate a Marketing Package for Your Top Clients

The best way to keep your clients happy is to offer them a unique marketing package. There are many ways to do this. You can create marketing packages for all of your clients, or you can cater to different types of businesses or budgets. For example, if you provide social media marketing services, you can create different marketing packages for businesses that use different social media platforms. Another option is to create packages for different types of businesses based on their services, such as paid advertising.

Content pillars are the building blocks of your marketing strategy. They should relate to the brand and their target audience. These can encompass several themes, like body positivity, exercise, and community. Regardless of the theme, each piece of content should tie back to the pillars and help your audience find out more about the brand. To come up with content pillars, brainstorm the use cases that your target customers might have for your product. Then, craft content around these use cases and provide a solution to each one.